From: <elie>
Date: Sun Apr 15 2007 - 12:49:00 EDT

I read your email several times and I still don't know exactly the type or size of fittings you are reffering to!

   1- You said "Fabricated lateral"; Is it field fabricated or vendor fabricated?    2- I don't understand what you meant with intersection welds?    As a general rule "not exactly my expertise" you could fabricate laterals under many cases, examples:

   1- Fabricate Lateral fittings from piping materials, (ie branch connections) per B31.3 section 304.3

   2- Fabricated Lateral fittings from plates and forged fittings )ie vendor will stamp and certify these fittings to meet the requirement of the application governing code B31.1, 31.3, 31.8, 31.4 etc.

   3- Forged fittings (ie these fitting are fabricated per ASME BPVC code.

   You could explain your question in more detail and you may get more replies.    Cheers,
Elie AlTawil, Sr. Mech Engr. Denver, CO 81301

JUAN LUIS <> wrote:

           Someboby know in wich standard can I get dimensions of fabricated lateral, Y and others fittings employing intersetion welds?

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