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Antaki (cited him several times in my previous posting) has not only written articles or guidelines. he has published a book too about Pipeline and Piping. His previous article printed in some tech mags (several years ago) related to piping are funny - i mean readable.. If others can teach piping the way antaki writes - then it wont be too difficult learning the b31.

1.0 INTRODUCTION The American Lifelines Alliance (ALA) was formed in 1998 under a cooperative agreement between the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In 2001, ALA requested George A. Antaki, P.E., to prepare a guide for the seismic design of new piping systems, and the seismic retrofit of existing, operating systems in critical facilities.


1.2 Project Scope

The guide addresses the seismic design of piping systems or the retrofit of existing piping systems. The purpose of seismic design or retrofit is to assure that in case of earthquake, the piping system will perform its intended function: position retention (the pipe would not fall), leak tightness (the pipe would not leak), or operability (the piping system would deliver and regulate flow).
This Guide applies to above ground piping systems, which - except for seismic design – otherwise comply with the provisions of the ASME B31 pressure piping codes for materials, design, fabrication, examination and testing. For buried piping and pipelines, the reader is referred to an earlier ALA report “Guidelines for the Design of Buried Steel Pipe”, July 2001.\ ng_Systems.pdf

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