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From: <Jun>
Date: Mon Apr 23 2007 - 01:23:00 EDT

i dont recall saying a "bootleg" copy. I download several books, ASME Codes, inspection equipment report, calcs, SAP results from our servers - all legit. Our IT serves thousand of engineers and specialist scattered in several places/location - we talk, share data and other tech references through our intranet.

Why is it that when i mention ebooks - the perception has always been a "pirated" copy? Professional ethics anyone?

jun_atibo wrote:

> With Office 2007 and Acrobat a lot more work can be done. Download
> several dozen books, tables, charts - easy. Scribble notes ... easy
> too. Communicate ... a breeze. Do the math and see the layout then
> edit it .. no sweat. Got a problem with piping vibration ... a walk
> in the park.

"Download several dozen books". I'm going to assume that these downloads also included a reasonable royalty payment back to the original authors.

If not, you are taking advantage of someone else's intellectual property without acknowledging the author or giving him/her a couple of bucks as thanks.

The internet is about sharing ideas but someone, somewhere down the line has to pay for the time and effort spent.

Accolades and admiration do not pay the rent for those whose work is copied without authorization.

This is why I routinely reject messages that ask for "free" copies of well-known books. I'm sure they are out there, but I refuse to be a conduit for getting them.


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