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From: <Christopher>
Date: Sun Aug 05 2007 - 02:28:00 EDT

On Aug 4, 2007, at 5:16 AM, Sanjay Laturkar wrote:

> This discussion is leading to that age-old debate on IPR (Intellectual
> Property Rights). People are indignant that some bloke round the
> corner is
> offering bootleg versions of such exalted pieces of intellectual work.
Sounds to me like the age-old argument over whether it's OK to steal someone else's answer to a problem you can't solve yourself.

> The same person would visit the store and make a purchase without
> pausing once, in the face of such heart warming prices.
Unless of course he could steal it without getting caught. Then he'd just steal it, and warm his heart some other way.

> Whose law and what law? Nobody knows.

Nonsense. Stealing is stealing. Excuses make stealing easier, but it doesn't change the basic fact of taking something belonging to someone else. The British stole India a long time ago just like Americans stole land belonging to native Americans and Mexicans. We had grand names for it but that doesn't keep it from being thievery. We justified it in a lot of ways but eventually came to realize (most of us) what it was at its root.

> I can however not sell or buy a software used earlier by someone
> else. That would be illegal and I can be prosecuted.
Not necessarily true. Licenses can be transferred for most software, and I daresay the minute someone challenges it in court it will likely become generally false.

> Let me quote from the "Vedas" (before they get patented or
> copyrighted by
> someone in California):
> "It can not be stolen, the king can not confiscate or tax it and this
> treasure increases all the more with sharing.
> Knowledge truly is the highest form of wealth"

So if I were to steal a couple of your books, it really wouldn't be stealing? Knowledge truly cannot be stolen. However CD's and books can.

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