RE: [PipingDesign] how to support a large NB pipe

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This question gets asked several times a year of this group. I suggest that you review the archives, and review the information on this and other piping-related web sites. Your question cannot be answered in a few lines or paragraphs. Michael's answer hinted at part of the answer: it depends.   It is almost impossible to answer the question: "what information do I need to know?", or "whaat books do I ned to have". The best only possible answers are "it depends" and "all of it".

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RE: [PipingDesign] how to support a large NB pipe

dear michael
im new in this field
can u plz guide me how to do as a fresher or what infomation i want know as a proffessional can u suggest me the books , codes, standerd which knowldge must have with an engineer

Michael Roble <> wrote: This is a pretty vague question.

Does this pipe run in, on, or around some kind of structure?

Does this run a long distance in the vertical?

There's several ways to support any pipe in any given situation.

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how to support a large NB pipe which is in vertical position?


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