Re: [PipingDesign] 80 Flange Dimensions

From: <umesh>
Date: Thu Jan 03 2008 - 00:34:00 EST


I knew that ASME B16.47 goes up to 60 inches. As your link title say NPS 80, i was curious & followed the link. But it is same old copy of 16.47 which gives dimensions up to 60"

Hence only option for Hafiz Ali Alvi is to go back to ASME Section VIII

Umesh Ken.,

Follow this link, you may be lucky.

http://www.ebookee. com/ASME- B16-47-1996- BRIDAS-GRANDES- LARGE-DIAMETER- STEEL-FLANGES- NPS-28-Through- NPS-80_129073. html


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