Re: [PipingDesign] basic to know in piping

From: <Paul>
Date: Thu Jan 03 2008 - 10:16:00 EST wrote:
> Paul:
> This question comes up as much as monthly. Would it make sense to have a
> link on the main page of that says something like
> ""Freshers" and "Newbies" looking for guidance on what to study to become
> a piping designer look here", and then go to a list like this (and tell
> them to review all the other links). Then our kind moderators or other
> respnders can just divert them to the link.

Bruce, good idea. You are now manager of this project.

email me offlist and we'll put something together with the brains we have available.

I know for a fact that this type of question won't stop even after we formulate a comprehensive response though.

It's my opinion that the "freshers" and the "newbies" arrive here because they've heard good things about the place and that some knowledgeable people post here. So they want to get in on it and see if they get a reply.

If they formulate a good question that is interesting and get some replies, "they're in". But it's a bit of a grab bag for newbies, sometimes you get a good response, sometimes you get nailed for not doing your homework. I like to think that's part of the appeal of the place.

And I know the feeling. Way back when I was exploring usenet (when it was more useful than now) I got some replies from smrt people and that encouraged me to set up the website. Now you know why Chris is here, it's cause I'm a softie.

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