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> It might interest you that the ASME method of flange design
> originates from
> Taylor forge. I am trying to get a copy of the Taylor forge
> standards.

I have a copy of the original paper by Waters and Wesstrom et al. Of the original 4 authors only F. S. G. Williams worked at Taylor. You can probably order the paper from the ASME. It's called 'Formulas for Stresses in Bolted Flanged Connections' by E. O Waters, D. B. Wesstrom, D. B. Rossheim and F. S. G. Williams and it was published in the 1937 ASME Transactions. It was also reprinted in _Pressure Vessel and Piping Design - Collected Papers_, the so-called 'Blue Book,' published by the ASME in 1960. You can probably find the Blue Book in a university library or maybe second-hand on the web. That's how I got mine.

There's been a lot of flange papers published in the meantime, but nothing any better or more informative.

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