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Hi Eric,
A transition piece is a piece of pipe of heavier wall thickness that has been taperbored down to a lesser wall thickness. These are used in butt-weld piping. For example, let's say that we have to connect NPS 4 sch 80 BW and NPS 4 sch 40 BW fittings or pipe. A piece of NPS 4 sch 80 is cut and taperbored at one end to sch 40. These are usually pre-fabricated items and are often assigned a specialty item number. They show up in not-to-common circumstances. What's yours? I don't believe there is a standard for the length. You need to accomodate the taperboring and beveling at both ends. 300mm is a pretty common length I would say. Other members please correct me if I am wrong about this last part.

Richard B

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DEAR everybody,

What is transition piece and any code and dimensioning can be found?



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