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Date: Fri Jan 04 2008 - 16:14:00 EST

On Jan 4, 2008, at 12:24 PM, Richard Beale wrote:

> Good example of the potential for misunderstandings and the
> limitations
> of e-mail. I have made an assumption that I understood the context of
> the question. Clearly there are many possible applications of the term
> "transition piece". Emphasises the importance of giving some
> background
> to the question to get the best responses. The lesson for me is to
> request some clarity if needed before responding.

Not your fault. One of the biggest issues in this list and most of the others I subscribe to is the need to ask a clear question based on doing some homework before posting. The original question wasn't clear and it wasn't definitive and I almost rejected it because it wasn't obvious to me that the guy was going to get any sort of answer he could use. It wasn't obvious that the guy even knew what the hell he was talking about.

The ability to ask a sensible question is a highly underdeveloped skill. I keep nagging everyone to read 'How to ask questions the smart way,' <> but no one ever does, especially the newbies who need it the most.

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