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I’ve seen it done both ways. My preference has been a new line number every reduction/expansion, but sometimes clients like the number to remain throughout the travel of the pipe regardless of size. Let’s say a 3” instrument air pipe starts off of a piece of equipment, and it’s numbered “3”-IA-0001-S”…. then as it reaches it’s destination it has to reduce to 2 ½”, and it ends up being “2 ½”-IA-0001-S”… this allows the line to stay the same number from it’s origin to it’s destination. Avoiding someone to have to remember that “0001” connects to “0012” or something like that. That’s the benefit you gain from keeping the number the same across diameter changes. However, it poses a problem where it may expand/reduce between a couple of different sizes a couple of times each, posing the only REAL problem with this option.

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Dear Experts,

The question below is asked by one of my friends:

"We have a situation wherein lines having different dia are assigned same line numbers.

I am informed, here, that its easy for process design & Piping work (initially), but I believe that this makes execution more complicated in terms of :

My question is " Is it a common practice to have line numbers with different dia or is it non-standard? "

With regards
Sanjib basu

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