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If you have threaded fittings (Threaded nipples, swages etc) you have to consider threading allowance as well.

ASME B1.20.1 prohibits threading in schedule 5S and 10S wall thicknesses.

Rounded values of thread depths for americal national Taper pipe threads are:

1.5mm for DN 15 & DN20 and 1.8 mm for DN25 to DN 50

This mean Sch. 40 will be minimum in the size range DN15 to DN50 (only if you have threaded components)

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Dear Sabir,
It is best to use pipe schedule 10S as the least thickness for stainless steels up thru NPS 24. This is due to welding fit-up, pipe wall stability (branching, attachments) , and product availability. 24" sch 10S is 0.250" nominal thk.

The A672 Gr 60 materials (CC60, CB60, B60, and C60) are listed in ASME B31.3-2006, p. 140. But, B31.3 does not indicate the different classes. Classes 22 and 32 are shown in ASME B31.1 with a joint efficiency of 1.0. It is good to also have access to ASTM Specifications to see detail descriptions of the classes.


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Dear Anbarasu,
To consider 12.5% of negative tolerance on pipe wall thickness,divide t(min) by 0.875(1-.125) .This will give you the thickness required.Select the next higher thickness available in ASME B36.19. so, t(min) = 0.0479 inch
t(req) =0.0479/0.875 =0.05474 inch
select the next available thickness.

elie altawil <eliealtawil@ <mailto:eliealtawil %40yahoo. com>> wrote: The right answer to your question is to get a copy of "Pipeline Rules of Thumb" or Gas Processors Suppliers Association Handbook "GPSA" gpsa.gasprocessors. com and the type of pipeline sizing you wish to learn; wall thickness, optimal diameter, fluid velocity, pressure drop, etc.

Good Luck.

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anbu arasan <anbu_mass@yahoo. <mailto:anbu_ mass%40yahoo.>> wrote: Dear sir...
Im S.Anbarasan From Chennai(India) ...
Working as a piping Engineer...Sir can you send the std procedure of pipe sizing Calculation. ..

Regards ...

elie altawil <eliealtawil@ <mailto:eliealtawil %40yahoo. com>> wrote:
I came up with 0.048", however, you must obtain a copy of SS A-358 TP 321, if mill toterance applies to this materials, it should be added to "t". t=tm+c+mill tolerance.

sabirap <sabirap@yahoo. <mailto:sabirap%> com> wrote:

Hi this calculation correct.


Pipe Material - SS A-358 TP 321 CPI Welded

Internal Design Pressure P 5.5 barg - 80 psig

Temperature - 150 0 C - 302 F

Allowable Stress S - 20000 psig

Coefficient (Factor) Y - 0.4

Quality Factor (Joint Efficiency) E - 1

OD of Pipe D - 24''

Corrosion Allowance c - 0

t = PD / 2 (SE + PY)

80 * 24 / 2[(20000 * 1) + (80 * 0.4)]

1920 / 40064 = 0.0479 inch

tm = t + c = 0.0479 + 0 = 0.0479 inch .is this calculation correct.

I tried to search the Allowable Stress - S, for CS A-672 GR 60 Class 22 or 32, Longitudinally Welded, SAW. I couldn't find it in ASME B31.3. Anybody can advice me on this...?

Thank you,



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