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John / Chris, & all senior members -You all have the unenviable task of being in the position to monitor & try to guide this forum. Something tells me that the forum has taken a turn from what it's original goal was envisioned to be - to provide a location where piping design knowledge could be shared between bonafide piping designers. I take the time to read every post & have noted that "real world" challenging questions receive real world answers, but I also see that "light switch"type posts have become more the norm rather than the exception. The sarcastic responses I read bring me chuckles - It makes me remember when all bosses were ferocious beasts, & ones ___ was on the line. But personally I prefer to be stimulated by a piping rubik's cube over hand holding & personality / geographic conflicts. To all "newbie" posters( & defenders of same) - if you think this site is too harsh on "light switchers" maybe your careers to date have been isolated from the harsh realities of this industry. Nowadays because of the Industry demands - a lot of positions need to be filled, & no more than a warm body is required - but as history always repeats itself - there are only so many projects & when your company doesn't get that contract they need you will be on the street looking for a job. The only ones who survive are the ones who are "self motivated", "self taught",& above all "better than the rest"
I have some non copyrighted piping job category descriptions I would like to post -These job descriptions for the Piping Design category provide the General Responsibilities, Specific Duties and Responsibilities, and Expectations / Standard of Performance, The categories are: Drafter1, Drafter2, Drafter3, Drafter4, Designer1, Designer2, Senior Designer, Principal Designer, Design Specialist, Design Supervisor, & Senior Design Supervisor.
I invite all involved in this forum could take a look & do a "self analysis" as to where they stand "industry wide" in actual experience. - where would you guys suggest I post them? Do you think that such a rude awakening would be OK?
The reason for this is I recently did the same thing at my present assignment & self categorized "senior" designers found themselves in the draftsmen level of experience.

Bruce R. Raymond
Senior Design Supervisor

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