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From: <Paul>
Date: Sat Jan 12 2008 - 12:40:00 EST

Slow down there, Bruce.

At least two of us here are working on an upcoming book that hopes to help in this regard and the third book might just address all your concerns. Can't say more at this time.

Then again, there is a new release of BRL-CAD, if you care to look that up. Fifty million dollars' investment development in that could create one open-source-based program that all others could be based on.

The current problems are with "inopterability" of different formats of CAD, which fragments knowledge into who knows what software.

All the big boys would be fools to ignore it, it's not going away. FYI, the software was developed by the US Army and is open source. Software companies ignore it at their own peril.

Paul wrote:

> I have some non copyrighted piping job category descriptions I would like
> to post -These job descriptions for the Piping Design category provide the
> General Responsibilities, Specific Duties and Responsibilities, and
> Expectations / Standard of Performance, The categories are: Drafter1,
> Drafter2, Drafter3, Drafter4, Designer1, Designer2, Senior Designer,
> Principal Designer, Design Specialist, Design Supervisor, & Senior Design
> Supervisor.
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