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After all the arguing about doing homework, I've made up a list of very basic links for newbies. It will eventually appear on the first page of the Piping Design Web site under the heading of Basic Intro or something. The idea is for a moderator to refer to the link when rejecting a 'cn u explain piping' post. Most of this stuff is common knowledge to anyone with a few years experience in the biz, although useful to anyone. If anyone has a favorite link with *elementary* materials, I'd be grateful to hear from you. I'd especially like links from experienced designers and engineers for educational or training classes. I'd also be grateful if everyone would try the links to make sure they work for everyone.

General info
A Piping Tutorial <> Valve Selection Guide < htmlfile=SelectingValves.htm&ID=703#anchor1> Applets for pumps <> ASME B31.3 summary < D20-AppA-ASME_B31.3-r1a.pdf>

Pipe Dimensions Chart < pipechart.htm>
Pipe Sizes and Dimensions < ContentID=24>
Metric Flange and fitting dimensions < flangeSheetMetric.pdf>

Materials Data
Pipe Specifications <> MatWeb <>

Books and Publications <> Glossaries <> Piping Databook <>

Education and Training
SAIT Process Piping Drafting < academic/certificates/appd.shtml>

Fluid flow
Fluid Properties <> Pressure Drop Theory < _path=/497/503/510>
Equivalent Lengths <>

Internet forums
Piping Design Central <> Engineering Communities of Practice - ASME < Public/Home>
Steam-List Information < steam_list_info.html>

Professional Associations
National Board <>

ANSI  <>

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