Regarding stress check for hydro test

From: <Kulkarni>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 00:21:00 EST

Dear all ,

   my query about the above mentioned subject is that-

  1. why Caeser version 5 don't give any result for hydro test stress check?
  2. Because it is a load case that pipe under goes at the time of commissioning, during this test, site able to verify the integrity of pipe, detect any leakages and weld/flange connection problems. Since this is done only once or twice in the life of the plant, whether B31.1 allows us to raise the allowable for 1.0sh for sustained case to 0.9sy for hydro test load case.?

Thanks in advance

Shailendra kulkarni

Pipng Stress Engineer

Black and Veatch , Pune - India

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