Displacement points

From: <david>
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 12:31:00 EST

Hi everybody !

   My doubt is about imposing displacements on CAESAR II .

   Let´s imagine that i have a line that will get the nozzle D like it appears on the picture.

   The vessel temperature is 180ºC, so i have to introduce a displacement on the nozzle D that will be the distance from base vessel until nozzle D times the expansion coefficient of the material at that temperature or a displacement that will be the distance from Support A until nozze D times expansion coefficient considering that i already imposed a displacement at support A that is distance from base vessel until support A times base vessel ?

   Sorry if my english is not very good but it´s my best for now :)    Please see the attached file in jpg...

   Lusofabril, Estudos e Projectos
   David Fonseca, Mechanical Engineer

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