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On Jan 19, 2008, at 10:47 AM, segun odukoya wrote:

> Thanks for your advice Chris,
> which good book can you recommend, because of the
> conflicting values used neccesitate my question.
There are dozens--hundreds--and probably 10 times that many web pages. Do yourself a favor and sniff around on the web for something you can afford and get mailed to you. I've already said this, but you should look for web pages to get you started on the basics. You don't understand how to use the basics,and you need this info before you start plugging into formulas willy-nilly. Start here <\ s/index.html
  > Read this until you understand it and don't plug anything into some formula until you understand it.

Again--fracture is something that occurs without yielding. If you'd known this I wouldn't be making such a snot of myself. And you wouldn't be asking such a question.
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