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> Anyone to fails to treat a potential employer with such
> unprofessionalism
> does not get past the receptionist, unless things are much different
> in
> India than the rest of the world. This is not intended to be harsh,
> but I
> know many will take it that way. Deal with it!

Better a small chewing here than disgrace at the interview. HR people have a long memory for no-hopers and certainly mention their horror stories to colleagues. So a bad show at an interview probably gets you noticed, but not in a good way. I know for a fact that Googling names is is commonly done as part of background checks, too. And it does happen world-wide. Your public persona is being established here and on the rest of the internet, so there are plenty of other people making the same judgment from the same info.

Use your head when you're looking for a job. --Address your request to a specific company. You're not spamming-- you're looking for a good job and competing with people. --Inventory your skills. What do you do best and where do want to be in a year or two. Be specific

--Research at least the company's web site before you post.
--Best to address a specific person.
--Write out a resume that's spelled properly and is grammatical. It's
not a bad idea to save it as a PDF because PDF's preserve formatting. There are guides to words and phrases to use and to avoid and how to organize a resume so it gets noticed.
--Do your own resume. Canned resumes are instantly recognizable and get a short trip to the circular file. They're also vague and full of self-laudatory phrases and unsuitable for a professional position. --Get to know people so you can broaden your contacts. Remember that staff designers and engineers usually don't make staffing decisions-- managers and HR people do.

As a moderator I've seen some incredibly lame posts to this list. I can't tell anything except what I see, and when I see poor spelling, iliiterate grammar and no idea at all about expectations for employment, all I can think is, 'Another no-hoper who'll be parking cars or selling shoes in another 6 months, and wondering what the hell happened'

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