Re: basic to know in piping

From: <delacruzjuan1977>
Date: Sat Jan 26 2008 - 00:01:00 EST

first thing is access to a cad program. then get familiar with the cad youre using. ask somebody to show you around - either at field consturction or at the workshop where piping spool are being fab, installed, tested, modified, inspected, cleaned, painted or repaired.

Now that you have seen how a piping and its component look and feel, get hold of some piping design books - my suggestion is the one authored by Sherwood. Check it out and no dont start with any of the stress analysis - that will come later, much later.

youre ready to start with laying out your first iso. try to prepare the bill of material - for this you need a list of piping class with a corresponding stock number. Get to know how the routing system works in your place to get your spool drawing check out by others and from here you'll get a feel on how to further develop your skill. goodluck.

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