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Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 19:40:00 EST

Hi Rajeev,
You're most welcome. Your construction background is valuable experience that will be very useful in understanding design.

Good luck in the job search.
Richard B.
Calgary, Canada

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Dear Richard,

I am very happy in your replay and thank a lot for your valuable advice and suggessions. I think I am quiet sutable to start my career as a "Piping Designer" (not a `Piping Engineer'). Once again I am very much grateful to your honest replay.

I am expecting your advises in future.

Best regards,

On Jan 28, 2008 6:34 AM, Richard Beale <r_beale@shaw. <> ca> wrote:
> Hi Rajeev,
> Your request may be a tough one, but not one uncommon to this forum.
> have to appreciate that becoming a piping designer takes years of
> experience, and the knowledge required cannot be imparted through a
> e-mails.
> However, I'll make an attempt to answer your question.
> What is a "designer"? If we go by the ASME B31.3 definition, it is:
> person or organization in responsible charge of the engineering
> Often though in general terms the piping layout and drafting is the
> responsibility of the "piping designer", and the piping engineering
> design is the responsibility of the "piping engineer". I don't know
> your definition is, but you obviously have one. These are distinct
> and only you can decide which one you are most interested in and
> qualified for. Having said this.
> 1. Decide the role you wish, and best fit, in terms of education
> and current experience.
> 2. Update your resume to highlight your experience in relation to
> the role you wish to apply for.
> 3. Target companies that employ these professionals.
> 4. Go in at a junior position.
> 5. Don't quibble. Any position is a foot in the door.
> 6. Learn from the senior staff.
> 7. Read books.
> 8. Take courses.
> 9. Ask specific layout and design questions of your mentors and on
> this forum.
> 10. Be prepared for many years of study. This last part I think is
> the joy of piping. You will never stop learning.
> Good luck and much success.
> Richard B.
> Calgary, Canada
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> Dear All,
> My name is Rajeev and working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I have practical
> knowledge of plant pipe construction (fabrication, installation and
> inspection). Experienced in CAD application in piping. Please help me
> to develop my career as a piping designer. Consider it as a request
> and guide/advise me the steps to be taken for a better future in my
> career.
> Thanking you very much,
> Rajeev,
> Abu Dhabi,
> U.A.E
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