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Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 09:19:00 EST

A transition piece may be used for,

  1. API 10000 rated piping using hub joints when connecting to lower ASME Class piping. The hub ends on either sides are to have wall thickness corresponding to API 10000 rating. This is because the seal rings use the inclined machined surface at bore of the hubs, to effect the seal.

  The alternative to this is,

1a) Use a custom hub with differing thickness to match. 1b) There is also the possibility of using the 'transition' seal rings, through which a matching class 150 welding end can be made available.

2) To join piping components of API nominal sizes to ASME B36.10 / 19 sized components. The API components have different nominal and OD dimensions. Therefore a transition piece becomes necessary to match them.


What is transition piece and any code and dimensioning can be found?

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