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From: <mihir>
Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 16:44:00 EST

What i recall from my (half a decade) experience is plugged vents are hydrotested and then seal welded.
Some companies like bechtel have their hydrotesting assemblies which includes the root valve and hence there is no vent valve on the permanent piping. Only steam service had permanent vent valves which were seal welded.

And someone from reliance refinery can throw some light on this issue. What i recall is because of some safety issue, reliance had chopped off all the vent valves and designed a special cap for sealing the vent. It was cumbersome but they did it on all the plants of existing refinery and it included all the hot lines.
Alok, Rajesh correct me if am wrong..

Mihir Patel

Well,, i dont have experience of three decades.. However in my one decade experience, i have seen the following..

  1. Plugged vents during installation and hydrotesting (Threaded half coupling with plug)
  2. Remove the plug and seal weld it after testing.
  3. Valved vents are used for all hot fluid services.

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not most companies and ive been around for over 3 decades doing piping work aside from pressured and rotating equipment. we dont remove the vent valve. it stays on the pipe and after the test we just install the plug. the resources and time needed to remove several hundred of vent valves installed at the plant shoudl be enourmous.


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