Re: [PipingDesign] which one is better to use SS studs or LAS studs

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Ashok Yargol (if that is your name):

you do not supply much detail regarding service (process chemistry, pressure, temperature, etc.), but in general, SS bolts (studs) and nuts are more brittle, much more prone to galling, and in gnerlamore difficult to use. Regardless of which you decide to use, you must (and this is an absolute MUST) use insulators (sometimes called isolators) to prevent galvanic corrosion. This means insulating washers and sleeves around the studs or bolts. Then, care must be taken in tightening the nuts to prevent damaging the insulator washers and sleeves. This therefore means that the washer material must be selected with care and consideration of its mechanical properties. This is all very common practice in the underground and underwater pipeline industry.

Also, next post, please identify yourself, not just your question!

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[PipingDesign] which one is better to use SS studs or LAS studs

here is a heat exchanger u-tye at the flange joint are of two material one is SS and other is low Alloy steel and for this joint we use studs, which one will be better either using SS studs or LAS studs as here the corrosion rate is high Received on Wed Jan 30 08:58:00 2008

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