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Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 09:49:00 EST

Cast iron in general and cast iron flanes in particular are not designed to take bending loads. RF provide some bending on the flange while tightening. Hence, thev case is not how much you tight the flange the question is are you applying bending load or not?

If the answer is yes, then it is now allowed to give bending loads on CI.

Hope this clarifies the issue.

Khalid Iqbal

umesh k.n. wrote:
> The question here is..
> Is it not wise to use Flat faced flanges instead of using raised face flanges,
which could crack by a small mistake of bolt tightening?
> Why we risk whole equipment for that.
> Rgs,
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> in our plants (we got several)bolted joints for all critical equipment
> are always tightened using either bolt tensioning or torquing. . i
> mean always -doesnt matter wether its an emergency, a turnaround or a
> routine work request or its sunny or raining. and why do you need a
> code calc to tighten the bolts properly when charts or table are
> sufficient to the job right.
> for non-crtical equipment, bolted joint can be tightened using the
> impact wrench.
> --- In PipingDesign@ yahoogroups. com, "M. Engineer" <kahabib@... > wrote:
>> Proper torque value can be witnessed and insured the
>> 1st time installation, but with the time insuring
>> proper torque bolting value by Maintenance is
>> questionable. Some time Maintenance crew work in the
>> evening or during emergency situation to remove or
>> install equipment. "to do some Code calculations to
>> back up your bolting" as suggested cannot be guranteed
>> all time. In addtion, what advantage or benefits to
>> utilize RF CI flange instead of FF in this situation ?


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