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Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 15:34:00 EST

Agree to Disagree..LOL
All engineering companies i worked advise against use of raised face cast iron flanges.
I explained the risk involved with that in my previous mail.. Also there is no cost benifit with raised face against flat face, If anyone would like to take that risk, GO is your call

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i beg to disagree. flanges having a flat faced are OK to be used in a process plant. it is also not true that they cracked easily if the joints are properly made.

what risk? risk is present if the consequence and probablities (scenarios are assumed to be established by the end-user) are ranked high in the risk matrix. that said, the consequence must be quite significant and if it is - probably the designer will avoid all together using a bolted joint.

Since the risk has been mentioned, do any of the piping designer or engineer here have any exposure related to risk assessment as applied in piping system?

can probably save your plant a significant amount of money and streamline your work requirement at the plant..


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