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At first you said..
>Flange facing and rating : 106K LJ

Later you said...
>now i want to ask about the flange rating of 160K. i have't seen this type of
rating mention in ASME B16.5 or in API

Is it 106K or 160K or 16K? It it a Typo? I guess so.

JIS (Japanese) flange standards go with "K" letter at the end See the following link.\ 05599&product_nm=KS%252FJIS_Standard_Forged_Flanges JIS B2220 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K are common.
However 160K is strange.

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Hello Everyone.

I have a piping material specification for carbamate solution

with the following info

Flange facing and rating : 106K LJ
Pressure 164 kg/cm2
Temp : 110 deg C
C.A = 0
Material: SS316L

now i want to ask about the flange rating of 160K. i have't seen this type of rating mention in ASME B16.5 or in API

can anybody tell me what is this 160K rating or what is its equivalent.. any source or any info about it...

also our client has advise us to use 25,22,2 urea grade material for carbamate solution service. can we use 25,22,2 instead of SS316L with same operating consitions.


Hafiz Ali Alvi       


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