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From: <Christopher>
Date: Wed May 07 2008 - 13:28:00 EDT

> We have to use a flatolet fitting in the drip leg assembly.
> Can we use MSS SP-97 as a design standard ?
You probably want to read SP-97 You'll find the following--

The adequacy of the design of branch connection fittings may be established by mathematical analyses contained in pressure vessel or piping codes, or, at the manufacturer's option, by proof testing in accordance with Section 7 and Annex B. Records of design or proof tests shall be available at the manufacturer’s facility for inspection by the purchaser.

SP-97 isn't a design standard. It simply shows a few standard dimensions for a number of different fittings. You need to verify the suitability vis-a-vis your particular Code rules. SP-97 doesn't tell you this. The Bonney catalogs might, but it's up to you to verify the information and put it to proper use.

I don't think there's such a thing as a 'flatolet.' There are weld-o- let fittings meant for flat surfaces or heads, but no 'flatolets. Before you use the Bonney catalog, make sure your part is an actual Bonney product. Weld-o-let is a Bonney Forge trademark, not a generic part identification.

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