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Hi Umesh,

Sturt can be used in pump discharge line. However it is to be ensure that there is nearby structure. Point number 8 in your mail says that it experience high dead load, but generally sturt is to be used as a guide to prevent excessive moments on nozzle. If your stress engineer is going to use sturt in vertical direction just above the pump discharge then it would be a failure in piping. Sturt is a speciality items and should be avoided as far as possible, rest is upto stress engineer to decided based on layout and strees limits. Hope this will clear your doubt.

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Fellow Stress engineers,
I wonder if any stress engineers successfully used Rigid Strut support at Pump Discharge Piping?
1. End suction Top discharge pump
2. Slurry line (Recirculation line: drawing from tank bottom, & returning to top of tank)

3. 12" discharge pipe
4. Approx 500 KPag/110C Operating conditions.
5. Discharge pipe rises to 2.5m elevation from top discharge nozzle (without any
elbows) and makes a horizontal turn.
6. No valves on discharge pipe (I confirmed that after P&ID review) (could raise some eye brows, but this is the way existing plant working)
7. Nearest support is at approx 10/12m from Discharge nozzle.
8. Pump nozzle (10") experiences high dead load.
9. we don't want any pocket in discharge piping
Following solutions are under discussion: 1. Take horizontal turn at around 1.2 m and use a adjustable support on the elbow. (so that not much piping load transfers pump nozzle) 2. Increase the spacing between pumps, so that after placing suction pipe supports sufficient space is available for maintenance. (At this point we are not sure if we could move pumps , cause civil dept already frozen foundation drawings)
3. Use of rod hangers at the top elbow (We need additional structure)  
But our stress engineer says he used strut support in similar circumstances earlier.
The following link shows picture of rigid strut from BINDER group. I never come across strut support on pump discharge piping. (neither my colleagues). At this point i am not sure how this Strut support is physically installed. I am awaiting more details.
Appreciate if anyone could share their experience on this subject.  
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