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From: <Aaron>
Date: Tue May 13 2008 - 15:57:00 EDT

It can be specified to what you need, but be sure you know what you "need". A seamless fitting in a "non-standard" size will cost $$$. You will notice that most suppliers do not stock or advertise seamless fittings over 16" nps. Be sure you really need seamless, or you will be wasting money and possibly schedule

On May 11, 2008, at 6:45 AM, sabirap wrote:

> Can we specify a 36'' EQ TEE & 36'' x 24'' RED TEE to be WPB? I mean
> can we have it seamless.

read the spec. If you specify 'welded,' you get welded; if you specify 'seamless' you get seamless; if you specify neither, the supplier will provide either welded or seamless construction at his option.

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