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Date: Wed May 14 2008 - 11:58:00 EDT

I had a quick look at the standards mentioned by Mahavir Prasad, they are both current British Standards dated 1975. They can be downloaded in PDF format from

Both standards have a table listing the acceptable material combinations in BS and ASTM designations. Note, the BS materials are likely to have been superseded by ISO designations.


Come on Rangers!

Dear Mr Sabir,

You may like to look up BS-1868 (Check) and BS-1873 (Globe). As I said earlier, when the body is CS (which it is in your case), it is not very unusual to have trim material base as CS with 13% Cr or Stellite deposit (depending upon what you require). Most of the valve standards allow it. However, you may like to either specify or check the (minimum) thickness of weld deposit.

Caution: The above BS Standards may have been replaced by new ISO Standards.
Can some of the Piping Gurus throw some light on it or equivalent API standards for Globe and Check Valves?


Mahavir Prasad

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