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Date: Mon Jun 23 2008 - 09:40:00 EDT

Check out the below sites for possible innovative animation for the new bies or as a link in your homepage. And for experienced bees also as a refresher.

Additionally I would suggest, as to general questions I have come across..though it may be a time consuming job.....the valve operation and other speciality item operation. Even the 3D snaps of various specialties and piping components at one location would be a treat for many as a regular visitor.

Also a simple single integrated piping assembly involving all type of components in 3D animation, integrating various aspects on operation like Stress failures, weld failures, valve packing failures, surge failure, stem blowout, NRV non functioning due to wrong assembly, sloping issues, wrong flange facing, wrong gaskets, interlock concepts, safety valve function, ESD concept, support concepts, etc..etc...(may be Mr. Wright could add more ....) as optional buttons. These could caution a new piping engineer what are the basic issues to be borne in mind while designing a piping system just be seeing all these things in one 3d view.

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[PipingDesign] Educational Computer Animation

Today I spoke with a computer modeler/animator regarding the creation of some illustrative animations related to piping.

Any ideas for subject matter?


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