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Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 04:27:00 EST

A specialty item (SP) typically is not fabricated on site, but in theory, it *could* be.

It is an inline piping component that is not pre-defined within the existing piping specification for whatever reason.

For some companies that provide standard packages (such as specialty skid units, where the output fluid(s), temperatures, pressures and flowrates are known and guaranteed within the manufacturers' design criteria range), some "SP items" within those packages might be considered part of their spec and be standardized.

It's all perspective. An EPC firm, a producer, a supplier, etc. all have different outlooks.


chellappan easwaramurthi wrote:
> Hi,
> This is what i understand,
> Piping speciality item is a group of piping items, which is fabricated in
site. The dimensions and other details are decided by vendor, who is supplying that SP item. And they will transfer the details to Piping department. The designers will do the model in CAD as per vendor details. SP items having the spec. i.e where it is going to be connected. In P&ID, they will give only SP item number only.
> If anybody have different idea, PLZ. post it.
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> Easwaramurthi
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> Hello everyone,
> What are piping speciality items and why are they called so?
> Can't we include them in standard piping specification?
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