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You may wish to call a large waste water treatment plant in your area and/or consulting Engineers who work regularly with same for advice. I believe many of these plants and folks have decades of practical experience with many different lines of process piping. For whatever reasons, I do know there is a great deal of ductile iron piping with various linings used for such plants and in these areas. There is general information for ductile iron for wastewater systems available at

  It is furthermore some common to see quite a bit of "glasslining" ductile iron piping particularly specified for some of these applications, at least for some specific sludge and scum lines etc.

While you could also contact specialty applicators for more specific details, I understand glasslining is (reportedly unlike some plastics) about the most "non-oleophilic" lining available (grease etc. has least affinity/to stick), and yet the pipe and very tenacious lining system can also tolerate some aggressive and even high temperature/thermal steam cleaning if that were ever necessary. I suspect that due to its widespread use you could with a quick internet search find many actual project specifications for same online. [I also happened to notice an interesting post earlier this year on a Water Environment Federation (WEF) discussion forum at , that in a way appears to be an interesting testimonial to this pipe and particular lining system.]

Randy Conner, ACIPCO

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My question is about selection of material for waste water sludge. The pH of waste water is from 7.5 to 8.5, but the composition or components of the waste water is not known. Design temp is about 60 degC. Also the waste is slurry type sludge. Can anybody tell me about appropriate material for this type of service. I have check and found that SS304 can be use for this service, also Lined CS is another option. Need your suggestions.


Hafiz Ali Alvi
JGC-Descon Engineering

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