ISO Working Group on Fiberglass Piping

From: <Tony>
Date: Sun Jan 18 2009 - 11:37:00 EST

The ISO working group on fiberglass (GRE) piping is meeting in Houston, Texas the 3-5 of February 2009. One topic to be covered in the meeting is the use of measured regression gradients to determine allowable pressures/wall thicknesses for fiberglass pipe design. The working group is looking for end users of the fiberglass pipe (operating companies or engineers with oversight authority) that have some opinion and experience with the use of default regression gradients in place of measured values. Isolated incidents suggest that measured regression gradients for fiberglass pipe design are not very reproducible. Manufacturers and pipe suppliers are well represented on the ISO working group, and so a "users" perspective is desired.

Anyone wishing to contribute in this area by discussion or questionnaire is encouraged to contact

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