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Valve Selection Guide
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Valve Assembly Use [PDF File]

ITT Industries

<<This article discusses the use of multiple sanitary valve groups in specific orientations to meet the needs of process operations, cleaning, and sterilization.>>

Selecting a Ball Valve

<<When selecting a ball valve, it is important to consider safety, reliability, media compatibility, suitability for the environment and other application criteria. It is the installerís and/or system designerís responsibility to ensure that these valves are installed in accordance with current ANSI B31 standards.>>

Useful Valve-Related Information

Valves International (Pty) Limited

<<Common abbreviations in the valve industry, valve material temperature limits, pressure-temperature ratings, material comparison for cast and forged steel products, buttwelding end details, material composition, pipe flange dimensions.>>

A Review of Butterfly Valve Components and Operation

Chemical Processing Magazine

<<Many different types of valves are used in flow control. They are used for a variety of reasons, such as phase (liquid or gases), pressure, piping restrictions and solids content. Other valves are chosen for their capability to open and close in a quarter turn. Of all the valve types, the butterfly valve is used as a control device for many reasons including some or all of the above.This article explains the workings of a butterfly valve and its operation. The butterfly valve offers many advantages that include quarter-turn, openness for less plugging and good control capabilities. Both manual and control versions are used.>>

Valve Standards in The Petrochemical and Refining Industry

United Valve

<<Valves in petrochemical and refining installations are subject to numerous standards and specifications issued by many supporting organizations. Today's valve standards are dynamic documents that reflect sound engineering practice, changes in market demands and changes in technology and manufacturing procedures. This document focuses on some of the important standards that affect steel, gate, globe and check valves in refineries and petrochemical installations. Some mention will also be made of other valve specifications, however specifications for control and relief valves will not be covered.>>

Know the Basics in Valves

<<Choosing the right valve technology takes knowledge of basic valve design and applications. This article will review ball, butterfly, diaphragm, solenoid, needle and check valves.>>

Dezurik Valves

Comprehensive Site, Includes Drawings and Instruction Manuals

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